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Atomic Ramps is a family owned business started by Christian “CW” Dunn. With Christian’s 20+ years experience building ramps, Atomic Ramps was founded to give a fresh alternative to what else is out there. Although we began in Southern California we have built ramps all over the world and recently expanded to include a division based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to build quality ramps at affordable prices without losing a touch of individuality.

Skateboarders are inherently creative people and Atomic Ramps is a reflection of that. We believe that each ramp should be customized to fit the skateboarder, family, team or company’s needs no matter how big or small the budget. So whether it is simply custom painting your rail or quarter pipe or designing a full-sized custom training facility complete with bowls, half pipes and a street course we keep the needs and style of the customer in mind and steer clear of “cookie cutter” layouts and obstacles. We love to design fresh and exciting obstacles that have never been built.

Our headquarters are in sunny San Diego, California with a branch in Portland, Oregon. With these two locations we are able to provide ramp building services all across the entire West Coast. Our ramp building team is also ready and able to travel to build your ramp where ever you live all across the country and even other parts of the world.



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